The THG Story

Hello! We’re Transforming Homes & Gardens, a family-owned, boutique landscaping company that prides itself on quality, exceptional service, functionality, collaboration, and absolute attention to detail. We established the business in 2006.

Our commitment to great service and quality work quickly made us into one of Perth’s leading landscaping businesses. We achieved this solely through word of mouth and recommendations, no paid advertising whatsoever.

We respect that we’re coming into your home and all our team are mindful of that fact. For instance, we arrive at the agreed upon time so you’re not left waiting for us, and our team cleans up after themselves every day so you don't come home to a mess.

We keep the noise down as much as possible, you won’t hear loud music or foul language and by the way, none of our team are smokers.

Why Choose Us?

We do project management of all trades, with the best, most experienced tradespeople, and using the most reputable suppliers and highest quality products. Our custom landscapes never compromise on craftsmanship. We value honesty, respect, professionalism, punctuality, and tidiness in our work. We keep you informed every step of the way, from concept to completion so you’ll have peace of mind.

Most importantly, our name is our virtue so we are proud to put it on every project as a guarantee of quality and impeccable service.

Our Team

  • Graham

    Hi, Graham here! I’m the proud owner and Director of our family landscaping business, Transforming Homes & Gardens.

  • Jim

    Hi, I’m Jim. In a previous life I was in the Army where I got use to the comradery and the requirement to perform to a consistently high standard.

  • Tommy

    Hi I’m Tommy, I’ve been working with Transforming Homes & Gardens since 2012. I am a family man with an amazing wife and 2 crazy kids.

  • Claye

    Hi my name is Claye. I’ve had 7 years of experience and I love all aspects of landscaping from gardening through to building.

  • Angela

    Hi there, I’m Angela, the token female of our amazing close-knit team!
    Some of my titles include co-owner, office manager, bookkeeper, behind the scenes organiser, cake supplier, and anything else that’s required to keep our dynamic team organised, on-time and inspired!